Azazuddin Ahmed, MD, FACP

Our Board

Azazuddin Ahmed, MD, FACP - Chairman

Rambha Radhakrishnan, MD - Medical Director

Annita John, MD - Secretary

Raj Chotalia, R.Ph - Treasurer

Sreenivas Reddy, M.D - IAMA President

Chris Zala - Executive Director

Jayal Amin, Esq. - Board Director

Walten Baba, MD - Board Director

Manish Brahabhatt, MD - Board Director
Lalitha Darbha, MD - Board Director
Vijay Khiani, MD - Board Director
Brij Malani, MD - Board Director
Sonia Mehta, MD - Board Director
Usha Nimmagadda, MD - Board Director
Utpal Parekh, MD - Board Director
Sukanya Reddy, MD - Board Director
Meenaxi Sanghani, MD - Board Director
Sudha Velamati, MD - Board Director
Mala Vora, MD - Board Director​

IAMACF Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Indian American Medical Association Charitable Foundation (IAMACF)

Dr. Rambha Radhakrishnan, Medical Director
Gurdeep Singh Nagi, MD, Practice Manager
Preet Bharaj, Administrative Coordinator
Eva Trujillo, Pharmacy Technician
Ammarah Nadeem, Pharmacy Technician
Gloria Vargas, Medical Assistant / Phlebotomist
Massicllia Chabou, Phlebotomist
Altamush Jindani, Phlebotomist

John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Medstar Laboratories
Cardinal Health Systems
Presence St. Francis
Presence Ressurection Residency Program
Rosalind Franklin University Medical School

We are here to help improve healthcare for communities in need!

Dear Friends and IAMA Members,

I am honored to welcome you as the Chairman of IAMA Charitable Foundation. I would like to thank all the past presidents of IAMA and past Chairpersons of IAMACF.  Truly, it has been a humbling experience working with leaders of such dedication and selfless service.  I would like to invite all physicians and community leaders young and old in this noble call to service.

The IAMA CF was established in 1994. Since then we have served thousands of patients with chronic health problems, proving a much needed relief to those who need it most. The healthcare clinic, located in the Westridge neighborhood of Chicago welcomes patients of all backgrounds irrespective of class or creed. Many of our patients are new immigrants who find it daunting to seek out basic healthcare due to language and cultural barriers. They are hourly employees that have little or no paid time off.  They also often find it difficult to justify taking time off to care for themselves when less time on the clock means less food on the table

It is through the partnership with DePaul University, Northwestern University, and Rush University that we provide fluency in over 12 languages during every open hour of our clinic. We are proud to include services in psychiatry, and nutrition beyond our long standing services in primary care, public health, dermatology, optometry, and diabetes education. The clinic has successfully implemented EHR, currently the volunteer physicians can sign in online to provide their services.

With your support our vision for the future of the clinic includes growth in additional services, more treatment options, and community engagement.

Clinic Growth

The clinic has grown from seeing 900 patients in 2006 to about 3000 patient visits per year in last few years. It’s open on 2nd and 4th Wednesday 12 to 4:00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. In our pursuit of continued excellence, we are adding a Clinic Director whose primary focus will be increasing clinic hours, improving the quality of care for our patients by developing new programs. increasing patient visits, developing partnerships with physicians and healthcare organizations, and securing funding through available grants.   

NIH and Big Pharma Funding

We plan to secure NIH and big pharma funding. We would like provide cutting edge care for our patients, by forming partnership with big pharma to make available new and emerging treatments in the areas of diabetes CVD, hypertension, obesity OA, and pain management.   

Community Engagement/ Teaching       

The clinic serves as a great learning environment for students from 6 medical schools, coordinated by NVLS. In partnership with IAMA we have started teaching programs for the community. We secured a grant from Chicago medical society to educate the community at large to teach life saving techniques in healthcare management. I would encourage everyone of you to help us find likeminded people to increase our pool of volunteers so that we can better serve the demands of a growing community, and improve the quality of healthcare for the uninsured and the underinsured

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others

Hellen Keller

​​                                                                                                                           Thank you, 
                                                                                                                           Azazuddin Ahmed, MD, FACP
                                                                                                                           Chairman, Board of Directors