Where is the clinic and what are the clinic hours?

Address: 2645 West Peterson Avenue,
             Chicago, IL 60659

Hours:  Wednesdays 11:00am-4:00pm

             Saturdays 9:00am-2:00pm

             Sundays 9:00am-2:00pm

How do I get started?

1. Sign up to volunteer for any available date (click on the blue “Volunteer as a physician” button above)

2. We will request the following information that you can provide on the first day you volunteer at the clinic:
    A) Name/Specialty
    B) Illinois license number and expiration date
    C) DEA number and expiration date
    D) Email address
    E) Contact number (best number to contact you, ideally cell phone)

3. The practice manager will give you a personalized username and password for the EMR the day you come, and you’re all set!

Where should I park?

There is parking available for physicians behind the clinic. These spots are accessible via an alley on the east side of Rockwell St, just south of Peterson Ave.

What is the patient population like?

The patient population is a diverse mix of South Asian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino, and African American

How many patients are typically seen each clinic session?

Approximately 15-20 per physician. When we have two providers the clinic can see double the patients. 

Will I work with medical students? And what is the flow of clinic like?

Medical students with be in the clinic on Sundays. The students will conduct a focused H&P for each patient, and then present to the attending physician. The team will discuss the patient, agreeing upon an assessment and plan. They will then return to the patient’s room to discuss the plan of care. Students are then expected to complete the progress note to the best of their ability prior to the attending physician signing the chart. Students also wrap up their cases based on the recommendation of the physician by taking their patients to the phlebotomist, providing referrals, and/or ensuring that they receive all their medications, if applicable. They also discuss proper patient follow-up before discharge. Students are allocated 15 minutes for their initial H&P, 5-10 minutes for attending presentations, and a final 10 minutes to complete their case with discharge.

What services are we able to provide in the clinic?

The clinic has a full time phlebotomist on service. Labs that are provided include basic and complete metabolic panel (BMP/CMP), complete blood count (CBC), fasting lipid panel (FLP), thyroid function test (TSH), and hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C. Also can do EKGs.

 Free medications are also provided by the clinic pharmacy. There is a limited formulary which you can see when you are in the clinic. Patients can also be referred to Wal-Mart, Meijer, or Target Discount Drug programs.

Are there specialty clinics or other services available?

1. Eye clinic for Diabetes once per month
2. Quarterly dermatology clinic

3. SMA (shared medical appointments)

4. Diabetes workshop, Hyperlipidemia workshop, Hypertension workshop

5. Pharmacy Clinic

What if a patient needs a specialist?

We have consult forms that we can fill out and send along with patient to Stroger Hospital. We also send patients for Breast cancer screening to St. Francis.

How is malpractice covered?

Illinois's Good Samaritan Law covers all practitioners: Medical doctors, Advanced Practice nurse, Physician Assistant, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physical therapist, Podiatric physician, Social/Mental Health worker. 

What EMR is used and what is documentation like?

We have Practice Fusion which is quite simple and the medical students can also help you get to know the EMR on your first day. The medical students will complete the progress note and the attending physician is asked to make any required changes and simply sign the note. You can sign your notes at the end of clinic or remotely from your home.

The Practice manager will help you setup your own username and password on your first day at the clinic. You can go to the Practice fusion website for a quick video on Charting: https://learn.practicefusion.com/chart-new-ehr/

Who is eligible for free health care?

Patients seeking health care at our clinic qualify for free health care if they do not currently own a health insurance policy, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or circumstance.  Patient are seen on a first-come first-serve basis. We do offer limited appointments.

Are there any perks to volunteering?

An enriching and rewarding experience giving back to the community and individuals that are in need of vital health care, teaching medical students, seeing interesting pathology, and on the weekends there is a free lunch thanks to the generosity of one of the local Indian restaurants!

Indian American Medical Association Charitable Foundation (IAMACF)